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Credit Repair Services

Green Tree Credit RepairGreen Tree Credit Repair provide is a Credit repair service company in Houston that provides all-inclusive Credit Repair services in Houston and other surrounding areas. They help improve people’s credit rating in a quite professional manner. With a vast experience in credit repair, they specialize in fixing poor credit and restoring credit options, whether it is to qualify for a car, lower interest rates, or to qualify for a loan.

The Green Tree Credit Board Certified Specialist works with their client to understand and access their credit report while eliminating all the unverifiable, incomplete and inaccurate information from their client’s Credit Score.

They are Houston’s one of the leading credit repair service providers, helping people look good at their credit profile with their ways which includes; evaluating their client credit reports for free to determine what exactly they will be able to dispute and to give their client an idea on time frame and expectations after. They will then open thorough investigations with each individual creditor. They will completely dispute inaccuracies and discrepancies with each account making all deletions of the derogatory items permanent after which they provide the results of the overall process to be completed within 90 days.

Other services include free credit repair consultation; not only do they offer fast credit repair services, but also evaluate credit report while helping people choose the best available options to ensure the most efficient and fastest results. Another is to help purchase a new home; green tree credit’s team of highly qualified credit score specialists works with different mortgage lenders to ensure people get the best options to qualify for a new home. Some others are to help maintain good credit score and to empower their customers.

they also provide a comprehensive solution to all their client credit repair needs and assists them with the removal and disputes of repossessions, public records, bankruptcy, foreclosure, credit fraud, judgments, collections, late payments, identity theft, reporting errors, excessive inquiries, and charge-offs.